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Installing Rocket Lawn Edgers is fast and easy. We suggest you plan and measure the area accurately. Follow these easy steps:

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layout the hose 1 Planning Makes Perfect
Lay out the shape of the border you want to create between your lawn and garden. A garden hose or extension cord works great to help design curves.
measure 2 Measure Your Edge
Measure the length of the border you wish to create. Keeping in mind that Rockets are 6 inches in length, be sure that you have enough to create your edge.
3 Dig In
Dig out the soil along the length of the border. Insert your Rocket Lawn Edgers and adjust the shape as you go.
enjoy 4 Enjoy Your Edge
Fill in the space on both sides of the Rockets with excess soil to create a tight fit. A rubber mallet is useful in making sure that your Rockets fit snug. That’s it!
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